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Aura Photography

photos_aurasSurrounding the physical body is an electromagnetic energy field, which vibrates and fluctuates at different levels. The frequency at which your energy field is vibrating is a direct reflection of your inner state of being and it often affects the well being of others around you.

The Aura Camera 3000 measures through dual hand sensors the biofeedback parameters of a person. Those parameters are then projected onto film as a radiant colorful field around the body. The aura colors and their shape on the Aura Photo indicate the level of energy at the point of measuring. This is determined by your state of being: mental, emotional, chemical, hormonal, spiritual, cellular levels, attitudes, genetic disposition and social programming. The aura changes as you change. We believe there is no good or bad aura, no color is superior or more spiritual than another. There is a positive and negative polarity in every color group.

Your Aura photo includes an interpretation by Irene or Nathan Keller, both of whom have read thousands of Aura photos since 1995. Learning about your aura can guide you toward a clearer understanding of your personality. You will learn about your skills and abilities that you were born with. The aura is a visual structure that can provide you with information for understanding your relationships, career, and spirituality, physical and mental processes that make up the whole person. Come see the colors of your Aura.


The AURA-IMAGING-COLORS represent different qualities and properties of the photographed person. The following explanations will give you a basic knowledge about the energetic structures of the colors on the aura photo. Depending on the intensity and shades of the colors, the position and the combinations of different colors and the shape of the aura, precise analysis is possible. Please ask your AURA COUNSELOR for further analysis.

RED very active, physical, vital energy; red likes fight, challenge; life in the fast lane; red people show emotions and will power, but also over activity, anger and hatred. Red is the emotional color relating to the reproductive system.

ORANGE combines activity and thinking; a creative, intelligent, artistic activity; it shows strength, positivity and adventure; but orange is also jealous, ambitious; dark orange shows tension, tiredness and depression. Orange relates to the adrenal glands.

YELLOW shows knowledge through intellect, the perfect functioning of the analytical mind; people with joy, of live, sunny disposition and strong personalities vibrate in bright yellow; dark yellow is over concentration, control and egoism. Yellow relates to the spleen.

GREEN is the center, balance, nature; stability, strength and communication are green qualities; deep green mirrors high expectations, materialism, grounding and inflexibility. Many healers and therapists vibrate in turquoise. Green relates to the thymus and immune system.

BLUE the mind can penetrate into higher dimensions of being; blue tells us about inner peace, deep feelings, religiousness, trust, an urge to help other people; but also about introvertedness, caution, fear and anxiety. Blue relates to the thyroid and metabolism.

VIOLET shows spiritual transformation, intuition, sensitivity, charismatic power, visionary thinking; out of power violets don’t like confrontations, they are scattered, nervous and look for magical, mystical solutions. Violet relates to the pineal and pituitary glands.

WHITE includes all colors, it shows a strong connection with an inner source
and enlightenment. but also no contact with reality. White relates to
fantasies, high energy concentration, blockages and pain.

Aura photo readings can be arranged by appointment for $30.  ph. 760-788-9571

Bring Aura Photography to your next Party. Call for group or corporate rates.


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