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photos_healingNelson Medicine — What the EPFX I SCIO device can do for you

There are many key philosophies behind Nelson medicine. The first is responsibility. The client is encouraged to accept responsibility for their body and any disease or discomfort. The disease might have been caused by someone else or some outside imposition, but healing can only take place inside the body. Obsessing on someone else or blaming someone else is unproductive and sometimes damaging. Separation from a cause of disease is the responsibility of the diseased client. If there is a cause of disease in your environment you can choose to change or reduce the cause, move to a new environment, or accept the conditions. Responsibility for healing is with the client.

Many of the causes of disease that approach us are beneath our conscious awareness. Our unconscious is much more aware of the disease causing factors that come at us. Our unconscious reacts with subtle energetic changes in electrical bodies. The qxci device is the first energetic medicine device to test reactions where the client and therapist both do not know what is being tested. Thus the unconscious of the client causes the reactions. The reactions are not picked by the computer but are picked by the unconscious of the client. So we have a device that can make us aware of the unconscious. Some clients are more aware of their unconscious. These clients are likely to feel the QXCI device and recognize the reaction patterns more easily. Others will take more time, but after several visits they will become more aware of their unconscious and feel the effects more.

Health is ease of flow. Health is a flow of items into and out of the body. We intake nutrients, air, water, minerals, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, thoughts, ideas, friendship, love, respect, mental stimulation, spiritual stimulation, and a host of other nutrients. We detox and excrete urine, breath exhale, stool, mucus, sweat, menses, bad feelings, fixations, addictions, Coercions, intimidations, fetish, manias, compulsions, spiritual doubts and a host of excretions. Life is a cycle of intake, chew, absorb or reject, assimilate, produce toxins, detox, and start anew. This is the need to survive. Add to this the need to reproduce and now enters our sexual needs. All of this results in a very complex flow of energies in and out, in cycles.
The levels of the person are the body, mind, spirit, social, and environmental. It is impossible to separate these or to know where one starts and another stop. Thus these parts can not be reduced or analyzed separately. When there is ease of flow of things in these levels the person is in health. Health is ease of flow.

Disease starts when a stressor or intrusion causes a disruption in the flow. The ease is now dis-ease. Hans Selye outlined a medical system were disease comes into the body as some sort of stressor. This produces an ALARM reaction phase as that the body is trying to deal with the incoming stress. Thus the symptom is a sign of the ALARM reaction. .If we fight the symptom not the cause we stop healing. So when our child is exposed to a stress (like a bacteria from another child) a symptom presents, such as a sore throat. The symptom is sign of a disease in flow. The immune system needs help. To fight the symptom is what allopathy does. The allopathic medical doctor fights the symptom by trying to block some other flow. He uses an anti-pyretic for fever, MAO inhibitors for depression, Serotonin uptake blockers for despair, calcium blockers for heart problems, etc.

So our child with the sore throat might have a toxin or nutritional deficiency as the deeper cause of the sore throat. The body is attempting to detox and stimulate the immune system with the symptom. The body is trying to cure itself and everything would be all right but via an unfortunate twist of fate, this child is taken to an allopath. He spots the symptom right off, and prescribes an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. The body own attempts for healing and detox are thwarted. The disease is driven deeper. The symptom goes away but the cause lingers and another disease, more insidious than the first continues to develop.
As the stress continues the body acclimates and goes into the ADAPTATION phase. Here the symptom goes away from familiarization. But the disease progresses deeper. We now come to an ultra important conclusion that must change medicine forever. BEING SYMPTOM FREE IS NOT A SIGN OF HEALTH. In fact you can be symptom free and quite sick. Allopathy is for crisis intervention only.

If the stressor continues the body now progresses from the ADAPTATION phase to the EXHAUSTION phase. Here organs weaken. The first form is the FUNCTIONAL phase where organs dysfunction. They make less or excess hormones, enzymes, or others. After a while they slip into the ORGANIC phase, where here the organs or organ will shrink (atrophy) or grow (hypertrophy). There now is a physical disease. If the stressor continues, the last phase results that are DEATH. Cellular death, organ death, and then organism death.

The causes of disease or possible stressors are:

When these enter the body they disrupt the ease of flow. This produces the Alarm symptom. Then the body adapts, symptoms go away, but if the cause continues the disease continues. BEING SYMPTOM FREE IS NOT A SIGN OF HEALTH. The ability to restore or heal the body is based on how much life force the body has. This has an electrical component. The life force can be suppressed or obstructed. This is the SOC index in the qxci software.
The qxci device and Nelson medicine is based on a different treatment from allopathy.

In Nelson medicine the flow of treatment is as follows:

  1. Reduce or remove the cause of disease reduce the SOC index
  2. Try to repair the damaged organs resulting from the disease
  3. Unblock the blockages to flow of energy in the body. Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and other medical arts are dedicated to unblocking unbalances of flow.
  4. Reduce the symptoms with natural methods and naturopathy.
  5. Deal with the constitutional make up or tendencies of the client.

What is the EPFX (QXCI) I SCIO?

EPFX stands for Electro Physiological Frequency Xrroid. It is a state of the art evoked potential biofeedback system for stress detection and stress reduction, designed by a Complementary Health Practitioner, Professor Bill Nelson. The accuracy and reliability of the EPFX bioresonance system is based on decades of research conducted in the field of bio-energetic and bio-response medicine (EDS (electro-dermal screening), Voll Meters, Vega, Mora, etc.). Science has shown us that the body is indeed electric; therefore electrical reactivity in the body can be measured via responses to impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance and frequencies. The device measures sixteen standard electrical parameters of the body beyond just simple resistance. This makes the EPFX unique. Most standard point and probe devices (Voll Meters, etc.) only measure resistance. Trivector resonant frequencies (a mathematical calculation of the relationship between voltage, amperage and resistance) of substances are compared to the trivector resonant frequencies of your client.

This results in the EPFX being the best energetic medicine analysis possible.
During testing, the EPFX device resonates with thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens for one hundredth of a second each, and records the degree to which the body reacts. This type of rapid testing is known as the Xrroid process.
What does the EPFX actually do? The EPFX scans the client’s body like a virus-scan on a computer, looking energetic signatures for everything from viruses, deficiencies, weaknesses, allergies, abnormalities and food sensitivities. It reports on the biological reactivity and resonance in your body and indicates the energetic levels of vitamin, amino acids, nutrients, food substances, minerals, enzymes, natural sugars, toxins, hormone levels, muscle tone, disease, bacteria moulds, fungi, viruses and the health and balance of internal organ, or dysfunctions and vulnerabilities in the body’s energetic field. The information provided by the EPFX is fundamentally different from X-rays, blood tests, etc., as it tells us about the energetic state of one’s body and the direction in which the body is focusing its energy.

How is the EPFX set up?
The EPFX is connected to the client via a headband and wrist and ankle straps. It sends electromagnetic signals to the body. The EPFX scanning AND therapy process is painless and non-invasive. Clients of the EPFX rave about how they feel comfortable being tested and having a lack of fear towards seeing their health professional.
How does the EPFX try to revitalize the body? As the EPFX has been devised using the principles of Quantum Physics, that question is easier asked than answered. Basically, during treatment, the EPFX measures the body’s resonance/reactance pattern and determines what benefit has occurred in the time period since the last measurement (less than a second earlier). If there has not been an improvement, the input resonance is altered. It maintains each beneficial setting as long as it is helping and changes it as soon as it is no longer useful. The EPFX is ideally suited to children, as they are often unable to verbally communicate what they are suffering from.
Also animals are unable to communicate with us in the most obvious of ways. Pet owners have seen vast improvement in the behavior and increased vitality of their pets.

Experience the EPFX/SCIO, an ultrafast computer program with specific software to analyze and relieve and correct the stresses that cause imbalances that may lead to illness, disease and injury in your body. A computer interface gives you fast insight into exactly what is causing you distress.

What Is Quantum Distance Healing? Quantum Distance Healing is the QXCT energetic healing process done via airwaves through quantum physics principles. In scientific circles this is known as non-local healing. It is a proven scientific fact that this method of heating is extremely effective. Harvard University holds seminars in non-local healing. The medical establishment has performed many doubleblind studies that also prove the effectiveness of this type of therapy. How does Quantum Distance Healing work? Quantum Distance Healing works according to quantum physics. In Quantum, everything is connected. Everything is part of a continuous’ whole. Distance is not a factor. Quantum Distance Healing is wireless technology and works on a principle similar to the cell phone. It is fairly well accepted that the garage door opener and the television remote work by wireless methods. The cell phone works at even greater distances. There simply has to be a sender and a receiver. In this case the sender is the QXCT system device and the receiver is the person.

How does the Quantum QXCI find a particular person at a great distance? It is a medically proven fact that prayer heals. How does prayer reach the right person? By intent. How does Quantum QXCI distance heating find the right person? Through intent, but also through the resonant frequency number that the device locates for a particular human being. It is similar to a universal cell phone number. To locate this number, it is necessary to have a person’s name, date and place of birth. What can the Quantum Distance Healing session tell me about physical details of the healing? You can be filled in on details of the session. There is a large array of information, if you want it. The QXCI device takes over 8,500 measurements on the human system during the session. The process is known as electro-dermal screening and it electronically measures the biological energies of the human system. Quantum Distance Healing assessments have a 98% accuracy compared with individuals connected to the QXCT machine by wires. Your Quantum professional will be able to tell you many important details of the system. Granted, we are not medical doctors at Quantum so we cannot offer diagnoses of any illness. But we are able to access your system and give you an assessment of the hundreds of different details from the state of various organs in the body, to viruses, bacteria, fungus in the system, as well as cellular health, emotional balance, and hundreds of other areas.

Do I need to be on the phone when the healing is being done?
No, but we will let you know the approximate time of the session so you can relax or nap, play your Quantum healing tape, or just _ aware that the healing is taking place. We can call you, or the person who received the session after it is completed, to share details. Each session is custom-designed for you and your individual health situation. We do need the permission of the person wanting to be healed.

How effective is Quantum Distance Healing?
It is extremely effective. Clients call us from all around the United States, whether they have a headache, high-blood pressure, a cold or a hospital emergency. We are able to address the problem quickly and effectively. We are able to send energy to emergency situations. We can also help correct psychological or emotional problems, such as depression or anxiety. Most recipients feel the energy, and the correction, almost immediately. Depending on the situation, an additional session or more may be called for. There are no side effects from Quantum Distance Healing, and most people respond very rapidly. Hundreds of people around the United States have received our Quantum heating. We do Quantum Distance Healing on a daily basis to help them balance and complement their individual health programs.

Contact Irene Keller CCH Biofeedback Practitioner (760) 788-9571


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