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To Be Held at Sacred Circles Hilltop
20863 Palomar Mountain View Rd. Ramona, Ca.

Special event:  Full Moon! Friday, June 9, 2017, 7-10 p.m.

Bring a dish to share for potluck, and a rock or crystal to add your energy to the labyrinth, if you wish. 

Full Moon Labyrinth Walk and Ritual.  Donation $20.  Sorry, no credit cards.

We will also have aura photography available for an additional charge.  Please call to schedule from 5-8 p.m.


  • See Aura photography.
  • Purchase a Sacred Circles Natural Gemstone Therapy Necklace.
  • Enjoy the grounds and walk our other labyrinths on your own.  See Labyrinths.

Please RSVP:  auras@wildblue.net or ph. 760-788-9571  Limit 30 people Map

Our Other Labyrinths:  see the Labyrinths page for a description of all of our 7 labyrinths.

What to expect at a Labyrinth walk / Moon ceremony

Double Rainbow at Quartz Labyrinth

Double Rainbow at Quartz Labyrinth

Upon arrival we will write out our intention papers (which we will individually burn during the moon ceremony).  Volunteers will be asked to later read various readings or select a reading for one of the four directions.  Everyone may pick a card from a selected oracle deck as their special message and focus for the labyrinth walk.  At approximately eight pm we all go out together and form a circle in front of the 88 foot Chartes labyrinth.  You will be led in a chakra cleansing prayer.  Next, we individually line up to be purified and sent on the labyrinth walk.  Those unable to physically walk may go directly to the center and sit in meditation until everyone has arrived in the center.  The four directions will called in a clockwise direction of East, South, West, and North.  The deity of that particular full moon will be honored and the circle will be closed.  Then we all sit.  The planetary aspects and name of the full moon will be discussed.  We will anoint ourselves with a pure Young Living essential oil, and toast our friendship with a drink of a gem water.  Everyone receives a gift from Gaia.  One by one, we express our wish, love, or gratitude for someone else during our circle of ribbon discourse.  Other volunteer readings will be read.   We will then stand, face the moon, and be led in chants to raise and power and call down the moon.  The ribbon circle will be burned.  Bells will be passed out to make noise and raise vibration after each individual reads their intentions and places their paper into the fire.   We ring the bells until the paper is fully burned.  After everyone has had their turn, a volunteer reads the healing prayer.  Gratitude is expressed to the moon and the four directions counterclockwise, opening the circle.  The labyrinth walkers walk out, reversing the path of the walk in.

What to bring:

  • sturdy shoes, path is dirt with a slight slope
  • bring a rock or crystal to add your energy to the labyrinth
  • layers of clothes; the night air can be cool
  • the moon usually lights the way, but you may feel more comfortable with your own flashlight
  • there is ample parking on either side of the central driveway, please park diagonally side by side

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