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Sacred Circles Hilltop is an All Denominational center dedicated to the life affirming celebration of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Everything in life is Circular. We observe the changing of the seasons, the traveling direction of the sun and the moon and the never-ending cycle of our journey from birth to death. We are one within the Circle of Life. By whatever name you call Him, Her, It, or God, this is the Source, our Source. This Source manifests within everyone and assists us in creating the life we choose. What we choose today is tomorrow’s reality.

People are drawn to our events and workshops to discover individual identity and purpose. We explore personal growth and all levels of healing. Our programs foster self-empowerment as well as a spiritual dimension of respect and connection to all. Come grow with us.

the Labyrinths

A labyrinth can be said to be the longest path possible within a confined space.

Aura Photography

Surrounding the physical body is an electromagnetic energy field, which vibrates and fluctuates.

Healing Arts

There are many key philosophies behind Nelson medicine. The first is responsibility.


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